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Academic year 2007-08:
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152nd Annual Report

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The following endowments were created for the benefit of our school students. We thank the donors for their munificence:

1. Sri.A.G.Krishnaswamy Iyengar endowment by Sri.K.Bharath.
Cap: Rs.10,200/-

To help a poor student of the school for paying tuition fees, cost of books and notebooks, etc.

2. Smt.Sitamani & Sri K.S. Mani endowment by Sri K.S.Ramesh.
Cap: Rs.25,400/.

Scholarship to one poor Brahmin student of the school on merits cum means basis for two years(XI & XII std.)

3. Thiru Kunnakudi Gopala Vaidyanatha Iyer endowment by Sri T.V. Venkataramani
Cap: Rs.5,000/-

To utilize to a bright student of Sanskrit who recites Samkshepa Ramayana of Valmiki or Aditya Hrudayam + Brahma Sruthi or Yaksha Pragnnam of Mahabharatha.

4. Jayamani Gopalan endowment by Sri A.K. Gopalan.
Cap: Rs.50,000/-

To be utilized to the deserving hindu students - 3 in IXth std & 3 in Xth based on the annual marks.

5. Ramarathnam endowment fund by Prof.R.Ramakarthikeyan.
Cap: Rs.20,000/-

To be utlised towards fees &books for the classes of XI & XII

6. Vitabai Kannabiran endowment fund by Smt.K.Saraswathi, w/o.sri k. senthamarai, I.P.S.(Retd)
Cap: Rs.10,000/-

To give prizes to toppers in English & Mathematics in XII std.

Lastly, we are indeed fortunate to have members in the management and school committee who are generous, kind-hearted, truly dedicated and devoted to the cause of the students. Our gratitude is due to them. On behalf of the staff and on my on own behalf I would like to assure the public, the parents and the government that we would do our best to train the boys on proper lines and raise the standard of this institution to reach the pinnacle of glory. we appeal to extend their co-operation and join hands with us in achieving this noble cause.


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