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History of Hindu High School

Nuclei of the present school :
Triplicane has long been a centre of culture and learning and pioneer in cooperation and social work. It is no wonder, therefore,that the residents of the locality in the forties and fifties of the last century took to starting two small school, one for Tamil boys and the other for Telugu boys, the former being called "the Dravida Patasala" and the latter " The Hindu Andhra Balura Patasala". From the records available it is found that both these schools were in existence in 1852 under separate managements. The Tamil school had a strength of 18 boys at the start and the subjects taught were Kural, naidatham, Nanool Kandigai and Nigandoo; History, Geography and Arithmetic were also taught. English also was taught to those who desired it. The boys were promoted on the basis of annual examination conducted by examiners, who were outsiders appointed by the Committee. Every year the examiners reported that they were satisfied with the progress made by the lads. The then committee recorded that the teachers worked hard and faithfully. They regretted that they could not pay the teachers adequately because for poor income.

How the schools were run:
It would interest one to know how the two schools were run. Each school was under a separate Committee of Management. Those who subscribed every month became members of the Committee. The defaulting members were first gently reminded of their dues, and if they continued to be in arrears, they were removed from the Committee of management. The Committee of the Tamil School met regularly every month and recorded its proceedings in Tamil, but always addressed the Government in English. Another noteworthy feature of this Committee was that to inspire confidence in the public it opened an account in the Post Office Savings Bank. Before appointing teachers, the Committee made thorough enquiries about them and selected the best out of the applicants.

In the early years the Tamil School was getting financial help from the Government as grant-in-aid and also from the pachiappa's charities.

Amalgamation of the two schools:
Both the Telugu and the Tamil schools were working well for some years. But soon the local people who were interested in both the schools found it hard to give donations to both. Evidently, at the suggestion of some of these people, a move was made by the Committee of the Tamil School to get the two schools amalgamated. On 21st November, 1858 the Committee of the Tamil School passed the following resolution: "Resolved to write to the Secretary of the Andhra Patasala." Correspondence continued till July 1859. On 1st February, 1860 a combined meeting of the Managements of the two Patasala's was held. That meeting resolved that the two schools be amalgamated and the amalgamated school be designated "The Triplicane Andhra Dravida Balura Patasala". That meeting also appointed a managing committee for the conduct of the school. Mr.P.T.Ramanujam Naidu and Mr. Devanayaga Mudaliar were chosen President and Secretary respectively. Under the same Management a Girls' School known as the "Balika Patasala" was opened in June 1864.
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