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150 year celebration special:
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History of Hindu High School

The Girls' School:
At about this time, the management of the school was handed over to His Highness the Maharaja of Viziayanagaram and was managed by him until his death. Then it came under the management of a few public-spirited gentlemen in Triplicane, who kept it going with the help of subscriptions. Finally it was taken over by the government and it was developed into the present Government Secondary and Training School of the L.W.T.C., Triplicane.

Hard times for the school:
If one problem was solved, there were two other problems requiring immediate attention. The School had to compete at a great disadvantage with the High School Department of the Presidency College and desperate efforts had to be made to make both ends meet. The Matriculation class had actually to be closed at one time and the idea was seriously entertained of confining the school to the Primary Department only. The School turned the corner when the High School Department of the Presidency College was abolished. It has been growing steadily ever since.

Accommodation a great problem:
In 1885 the trouble of finding adequate accommodation grew very acute. The Government's grant-in-aid was stopped on the ground that the accommodation was defective. In 1889 and in 1890, the permanent recognition of the school was withheld in addition to the stoppage of the grant-in-aid, although the school was recognised temporarily from year to year. One can very well imagine the plight of the Committee then, oppressed as it was with two drastic steps taken by the Department of Education. There was one important encouraging factor which was that school enjoyed immense popularity. For the results at the Matriculation examination were uniformly good. The following extract from the Presidencian (Vol.1 No.1) will give an idea of the esteem in which the school was held as early as 1892.

"The year 1892 happened to be the last year of Dr. David Duncan, who had by then been the Principal of the College for nearly eight years and was running the ninth year. In those days and for long after, Presidency College had one well-known feeder to it. It was the Triplicane Anglo-Vernacular High School, now known as the Hindu High School, Triplicane. It had been founded and managed by a few generous and public-spirited Hindu gentlemen among whom some well-known Mandayam Iyengars of Mysore figured most prominently. Its strong points were discipline and splendid teaching. Dr.Duncan owned publicly to a great predilection for the admission into his College of boys from this institution.

'I like to have boys of the Triplicane Anglo-Vernacular High School. They are the purest gems of which this College has always been proud!' This was no exaggeration whatever, for Presidency College had owned by them many distinguished ex- pupils of the Triplicane A.V.School."
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