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Academic year 2007-08:
150 year celebration special:
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History of Hindu High School

Board of Management:
For an aided institution to be efficient, it should have a capable and understanding Board of Management and a band of efficient and loyal teachers. The Hindu High School has been blessed with of able men on the board of management as well as on the staff. After Mr. M.Rangachariar became the Secretary. He was succeeded by the late Dewan Bahadur M.O Parthasarathy Iyengar. Sri V.S.Srinivasa Sastri (later Rt.Hon'ble) succeeded him. When he could not continue, once again the late Sri M.O.Parthasarathy Iyengar became the Secretary. In 1921 Sri G.Venkataranga Rao assumed the Secretaryship, which office held till his death in 1930. Sri N.V.Raghavan, Sri R.Kuppurama Sastri, Sri C. Srinivasa Rao , Sri .Subba Rao and Sri S.G.Srinivasachariar were the successive Secretaries till 1942, when Sri T.V.Subba Rao took charge of the office of the Secretary. There were distinguished men as President-Sri M.A.Singarachariar, Dewan Bahadur K.Krishnaswami Rao, Sri M.Ct.Muthiah Chettiar, Sri D.R.Balaji Rao, Rt. Hon'ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastriar and Sri Arni Subba Rao. Since 1949 Dr M.O.Parthasarathy Iyengar has been the President. For nearly 30 years the late M.Veeraraghavachariar of The Hindu served on the committee as a member along with the late M.A.Singarachariar. The late M.A.Thirunarayanachariar was Assistant Secretary of the Committee for over 15 years.

From the records it is found that before 1900 with the exception of a few teachers like the late K.B.Ramanatha Iyer, others did not adhere to the profession, but only used it as a stepping stone to some other job. But this much has to be said of them. While they were in the school, they did their best during the short periods they held the office. The school is proud of having had a long succession of able Headmasters. Rt.Hon'ble V.S.Sastri, within the short period of seven years, gave the school the definite stamp that it bears today and built up its high traditions. His pupils reverently recall to their memory his English classes. He was succeeded by the late Mr.T.A.Swaminatha Iyer who was noted for his discipline and uprightness. In 1916 Sri P.A.Subramania Iyer became the Headmaster and continued in that post till his retirement in 1938. During his time the activities of the school widened and he maintained very able the high traditions of the school. As a teacher, very few could rival him.

During the last six years, the school has still further widened its activities-both intra and extra curricular. Engineering, as one of the bifurcated courses, was introduced in 1948. Elsewhere are given in brief the activities of the various sections-sports, scouting, excursion, exhibition, hobbies and crafts, fine arts sections, magazine, students' co-operative stores, literacy society, audio-visual education, National Cadet Corps, Old Boys' Association, Parents' Association and Masters' Association.

The school has just completed one hundred years of useful service. On this day when the Centenary is celebrated, the un-wearied labours of the members of the Committee of Management and the long line of teachers deserve to be gratefully remembered and acknowledged. The loyal and devoted services of the masters contributed not a little to the progressive expansion, greatness and prestige of the school. "Service to humanity" has been the motto of this institutions. It has so far followed with a religious zeal that high deal and in the coming century it will be its beacon light. Every struggle it overcame has made it more determined to pursue the ideal it has set forth. Useful service can be rendered only by men of character. We are ever conscious that our strength lies less in numbers than in the proper training that the pupils imbibe more from the teachers' own example than from books. The alumni have given good account of themselves in the various walks of life chosen by them by rendering service to the country, both by being leaders and followers as occasion demanded. With the blessings of the Almighty the institutions re-dedicates itself to serve the community and thereby the country by providing greater opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge and formation of character.
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