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Academic year 2007-08:
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The School Library is having good collection of books housed in spacious hall which is serving as Reading room also. Library is having about 10,000 reference books to cater to the needs of the staff and students.

It is having books general in nature to more specific subjects like Maths, Physics etc. It is having books in Tamil, English, Telugu, Hindu & Sanskrit.

This library is having some unique books also. For example "History of the military transactions of the British Nation in Industan" by Robert orme published in 1861, Rulers of India series published in the last quarter of 19th century & many books published in the early 20th century in Tamil, Hindi, English & Sanskrit Literature.

The library is now being classified according to color classification 6th Edition and is manned by a qualified librarian.

Higher Secondary Students are extensively using library for their development. For other classes set of books are given in their classes to be studied at the class itself.

In the reading hall newspapers and magazines are also provided to the users of the library.

History, Civics and Geography charts are provided to the class rooms during their social science periods for easy understanding of the subject.