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Academic year 2007-08:
150 year celebration special:
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Chemistry Lab

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Ours is a model Chemistry Laboratory specially designed for Schools with more space and proper to ventilation. It is more or less similar a college lab. We have 10 working tables for students to do their practicals with more comfort. At a time about 30 boys can do their work individually. We have adequate safety measure Five Extinguisher to cover with. We provide Borosil Glass Wares and Asalar chemicals of high quality for practical. There is one cement water tank of 5000 litre capacity adjacent to the lab to store rain water which we use for analysis instead of distilled water. We have two sets of pipe connection one with ground water and the other one with Metro water. There are 6 sinks and 7 almirahs. There is a separate room to store chemicals. We have a gas plant. But for economy reason we are using Indane gas cylinder. A portion of the lab is alloted for the preparation of solution.

Here we have a big periodic table chart. Portraiting of Scientists donated by an Alumni namely P. Venkatram of 1990-1991 batch, a chart showing the elements with discovers and the year of discovery and a chart with names of Nobel Laureates in chemistry in the centenary year 1901 - 2001. We also have models of molecules and orbitals.