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Academic year 2007-08:
150 year celebration special:
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In 1898 - Inauguration of New Building

Opening of New Buildings of The Hindu High School


Mr. M. A. Singarachariar, in offering an endowment to the school, said: -
In commemoration of the opening of the new buildings of the Triplicane Hindu High School, with which I have been connected for many years, I beg to offer a 3 1/2 per cent Government Promissory Note for Rs. 1,000 as an endowment for a prize to be given annually in my name, out of the interest accruing there from, to the boy passing the Matriculation Examination first from this school. I beg your Excellency will be pleased to accept it and hand it over to the Director of Public Instruction to be used for the above purpose.

In accepting this gift, His Excellency said : - I have much pleasure in accepting this munificent gift from Mr. M. A. Singarachariar, whose name is so deeply associated with the history of this Institution. I hand it over to the Director of Public Instruction for safe custody and administration.

The Hon'ble Dr. Duncan received the band from His Excellency and invited His Excellency to open the building formally.

His Excellency the Governor in declaring the building open said : - President and Members of the Committee of Management of the Triplicane Hindu High School, I undertake, with sincere plea-sure, the duty which has been assigned to me. The report which has just been read is an interesting record of patience, pertinacity and perseverance and I notice that, among some of tile most salient features of this school, it began 29 years go with very small beginnings, and has now reached a stage in which it teaches over 500 boys, and it has been enabled, through the energy and enterprise of the Committee; to erect this magnificent building. It is particularly interesting as a monument of purely native enterprise (Cheers). I find on referring to the Lawrence Asylum Almanac that all the members of the Managing Committee, and the whole professorial staff, are natives of India. This, to my mind, is one of the most interesting features of the school. Now, ladies and gentlemen, with very great pleasure and with hopes of a future advantage accruing to the population of Madras, I declare this building to be duly opened.
Raja T. Rama Rao requested His Excellency to declare a tablet well and truly laid as a permanent record of that evening's ceremonial.

His Excellency then unveiled a memorial tablet made of white marble with the following inscription in letters of gold: "Hindu High School of Triplicane opened by H.E. Sir Authur Elibank Havelock; G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., on 12th March 1898. Work commenced in 1896; completed 1898; cost Rs. 57,000; H. Irwin, Esq., C.I.E., Architect, T. Namberumal Chetti, Contractor. School Committee--Raja T. Rama Rao, President; M. A. Singarachariar,
M. Viraragavachariar; M. 0. Parthasarathy Aiyangar, Secretary;
M. A. Tirunarayana Chari, Assistant Secretary."

Mr. M. A. Singarachariar, in proposing a vote of thanks to His Excellency, said:-

I beg leave on behalf of the Committee to thank your Excellency most cordially for the great kindness and condescension shown by you in being present here on this occasion and declaring this new building open. This act, on your Excellency's part, affords an additional instance of the interest taken by your Excellency in the welfare of the people and of their education in particular. Any success which this institution may have attained is due, in a very great measure, to the kindly and sympathetic support given by successive Directors of Public Instruction, from my revered master Mr. Powell downwards to the distinguished and worthy gentleman who now holds this responsible office, and who has laid the public of this locality under a deep debt of gratitude by various acts of kindness shown to this school. I must also take this opportunity to thank your Excellency's Government for the very liberal grant which they have given for this building. As for the personal praise bestowed on me in the report (and again so kindly by Your Excellency) I am afraid I must disclaim a great portion of it; for the successful management is due to the cordial co-operation of the Members of the Committee and to the capable Headmasters and their staffs, who did their duty to our entire satisfaction. I beg leave again to thank your Excellency for gracing us with your presence on this day, which will be considered a red-letter day in the annals of this institution.

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