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Academic year 2007-08:
150 year celebration special:
Sister institution:


The School is conducted by the Hindu Educational Oraganisation, a Company registered under the Companies Act, in spacious buildings belonging to and owned by the Organisation, meeting the expenditure over and above the Government aid from its own funds.

The following subjects are offered in the Higher Secondary.

Part - I : Any one language from Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit.
Part - II : English (Compulsory to all)
Part - III : Optional (Any one group is to be chosen)

Group 1. (English Medium)
               Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science or Biology.

Group 1. (Tamil Medium)
               Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Group2a. (Tamil Medium)
               Physics, Chemistry Botony & Zoology.

Group3. (English Medium)
                Elements of Commerce, Acoountacy, Economics, Business Mathematics / Computer Science

               (Tamil Medium)
                Elements of Commerce, Acoountacy, Economics, Ethics & Indian Culture

3. Vocational (English Medium)
               Accountacy & Auditing Allied Subject, Elements of Commerce.

Fee : No tuition fee for those students who opt for Tamil Medium.

For English Medium - Tuition Fee will be charged at the rate prescribed by the Government. Rs. 500/- per year.

Special Fees and Amenity fee for all :

  1. Admission Fee Rs.1/-

  2. Literary Association Rs.3/-

  3. Library Rs.5/-

  4. Games & Community Service Rs.31/-

  5. Medical Inspection Rs.1/-

  6. Audio Visual Education Rs.2/-

  7. Examination and Stationery Rs.8/-

  8. Amenity Fee Rs.10/-

  9. Laboratory Fee Rs.30/-

  10. Vocational Course Fee Rs.20/-

  11. Caution Deposit for science Rs.30/-

  12. Exam Fee Rs.50/-
Other Fees :
  1. 1. P.T.A Sub. Rs.25/-
        P.T.A. R.B.F. Subject to Revision) Rs.40/-

  2. 2. Co-operative Stores Rs.5.25/-

  3. 3. Computer Science Fee Rs.20.00 (per annum)
    (subject to Revision)

How to apply :
The apllication, properly filled in, should be sent to the School Office in person
or by post within 15 days from the date of issue. The enclosed cards for acknowledgement and interview should be self-addressed and stamped.

Note :
Application defective in particulars or in any other manner will be rejected Relavent
attested copies should accompany the application form.