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Life Sketches

Sri D.R. Balaji Rao

Life Sketches - Sri D.R. Balaji Rao The late Mr.D.R. Balaji Rao, during the last twenty-five yearsw of i9s life was known as Indian bank Balaji Rao. His long association with the Indian Bank and Mr.Vidya Sagar gave him unique opportunities to learn the intricacies of banking. His work in the bank was characterised by extreme caution and in appreciation of his work, the Board of Directors of the Bank appointed him Secretary in succession to Vidya Sagar Pandya. His interests did not lie solely in banking. He was a man of varied interests and parts. From 1923 to 1935 he was a member of the Hindu High School Committee and from 1929 till the time of his death he was the President of the Committee. He was ever sympathetic to the teachers and took great interest in the progress of institution.
Balaji Rao was born of wealthy parents, on the 16th of April 1865. early in life he discarded the luxuries attaching to his station and took vigorous exercies. He attained proficiency in swimming, riding, and wrestling. His educational career was equally brilliant. Matriculating from the Madras Christain College where he was a favourite pupil of Dr.Miller, he joined the Presidency College and took his B.A.degree with a first class in Philosophy. There were uears of struggle for him but fortunately he came under the inflouence of Swami Vivekananda and was one of those who arranged for his American tour.

In 1906, the failure of the Arbuthnot Bank which reduced to pauperism many well-to-do families, came to him as a great shock because he lost heaviluy in that crash. Yet he faced the crisis with fortitude. With the help of a few friends of his, he secured a position in the Indian Bank which was just then started and in course of time he became its Chief Accountant. Later on, by sheer dint of merit, he rose to the position of the Secretary of the Bank. He was a voracious reader. His diligence in study enabled him to attain a mastery over Astrology, Hydropathy, thought-reading and various other arts and sciences. He was simple in his habits and laid great stress on character. He was hard on those who were dishonest. During the time he was member of the Hindu Higher School Committee, two new buildings were acquired. The finances of the school were steadily improving and scales of salaries for different grades of teachers and leave rules were introduced. He passed away peacefully on 31-5-1935 after being connected with the School for more than fifteen years.

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