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Life Sketches Image of Sri Arni Subba Rao There is not one in Triplicane who does not know A. Subba Rao. Pious, obliging, helping the needy, hospitable to one and all, readily offering his advice to whomsoever that sought him, Subba Rao was an example of plain living and high thinking and was ever respectful to the learned and godly, tolerant to others and meting out justice tempered with mercy.

His father Sri Keseva Rao was well known in Nellore District and held the post of Tahsildar. His mother Srimathi Rama Bai was a pious and noble lady. Service was her motto in the house from morning till night. Sri A. Subba Rao was the only child of the noble couple.
After completing his high school course—he was an old boy of the Hindu High School—Sri A.Subba Rao joined the Presidency College, Madras, and passed out of it taking the B.A.degree in Philisophy.

He began his official carrer as Head Quarters Inspector of Police, Madura. In a few years he rose to the position of Assistant Superintendent of Police and worked in Coimbatore, Salem and Guntur districts. His devotion to duty and his sterling character soon brought him the coveted post of District Superintendent of Police, a post not ordinarily given to Indians in those days. Soon after his services were lent to the Cochin Durbar. He served in Cochin State for about seven years as head of the Police Department. In addition he held the post of "Commandant, Nayar Brigade." He effected many reforms in the Police Department then and brought it to a high level of efficiency.

Sri A.Subba Rao accompanied His Highness the Raja of Cochin to the Delhi Durbar in the year 1904. After the grand ceremony was over, His Highness went on a pilgrimage to Gaya, Benares and other sacred places in Northern India. Sri A.Subba Rao had the rare fortune of visiting holy places in company with the Royal party. During this tour, on many occasions, persons not knowing the English language came to His Highness for interview and Sri Rao made himself useful as interpreter on such occasions.

After reversion to British service from Cochin State he worked in Guntur, South Canara and South Arcot districts.

After retirement he settled down at Madras. He was connected with various institutions such as the United India Life Assurance Co., Ltd., Madras, S.M.S.O. Nidhi, S.M.S.O. Sabha, Tiruchanur (near Tirupathi), Hindu High School, etc.

He led a simple, unostentatious life. He was easily accessible to all and he was always ready to help people to the best of his ability. He talked in such a manner that even strangers felt quite at home in his presence.

Whenever he went to the mofussil on holiday trip, he was particular about meeting his friends and relatives, especially the poor ones. He also paid visits to the abodes of learned pandits and enjoyed their company and conversation.

Though he himself led a regorous life of descipline, his ioutlook on religion was liberal. He never imposed his views on others living with him, but allowed them a great deal of latitude. He was a guiding star to the Madhwa community.

His death on 11th October 1949 was a great loss to the Hindu High School. He had been a member of the school committee since 1919 and he attended all the meetings of the Committee except the one held in August 1949 when he fell ill, from which he did not recover. His love for the school was so great that he atternded all the school functions, even in his old age. The teachers of the school committee with a portrait of his, in fitting recognisition of the services he rendered to the school for over thrity years as member, Secretary and President of the Hindu High School Committee.

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