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Life Sketches

SRI G.V. Narayanaswami Iyer, B.A., L.T.

Life Sketches - SRI G.V. Narayanaswami 
              Iyer The late Sri G.V.Narayanaswami Iyer was one of those loyal and devoted teachers of the Hindu High School who have contributed to the popularity and efficiency of the institution. At a time when Government service was attractiver and could be easily had by men of qualifications, he chose teaching as his avocation in life. At the age of eighteen he graduated and became a teacher. He served the Hindu High School for a period of 33 years, and thus he had very few equals of such long service in the Hindu High School.

His simplicity, humility and sincere manners endeared him to one and all. In the "Teachers' Corner" his jokes and anecdotes were ever
enlivening and his colleagues used to gather there during the lunch interval to hear him talk. He had the insight to see others' difficulties and discomforts, he put on a smiling face. During the last years of his life, he suffered from an acute form, of dyspepsia; still he moved and worked as if he has no such malady.

The late Sri G.V.N. Was a great musician, besides a critic of that art. At a time when it was thought that teachers should only teach and not take part in acting and entertaining with music and when it was considered that such things were not in keeping with the dignity of the noble profession, he entertained the audience with his music in all iomportant school functions. To a great extent, he was responsible for giving a bias to music in the school and today there are a number of teachers who can sing well. Sri G.V.N. Succeeded Kulapathi Sri P.A.Subramanya Iyer, a giant among Headmasters, who left the institution at a rare height of efficiency. Many thought at that time that Sri. G.V.N. Would find it hard even to keep the machine going, but his headship proved otherwise. During the years of his headship the school maintained the same efficiency, tone, and espirit de corps among the members of the staff. It was during his time that excursions on a large scale were organized and the Book depot was converted into the High School Co-operative Stores. The members of the Madras Teachers' Guild expressed their regard for him and appreciation of his services by electing him first as the Vice-President and later as the President of the Guild.

His long, unblemished record of services is a shining example of what devotion and loyalty to an institution means. His portrait which adorns the walls of the Singarachariar Hall by the side of other illustrious Headmasters, is a reminder to the present generation of teachers of the nobility of the teaching profession and the disinterested service which the profession expects. A liberal among men, catholic in tastes, urbane in manners, unruffled by difficulties, Sri G.V.Narayanaswami Iyer, affectionately known as G.V.N., passed through life, gay as a lark exuding joy among his friends and banishing boredom from himself and others.

His son, Sri G.N. Balasubramanyam, one of the greatest musicians of out time, has inheriterd in rich measure the musical talents of his father. We are glad to record that he is an old student of our school. May God bless him with long and prosperity!

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