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Academic year 2007-08:
150 year celebration special:
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Life Sketches

Sri G.Venkataranga Rao

Life Sketches - Image Not Available Rao Sahib G. Venkataranga Rao was an institution in Triplicane. The pial was his drawing room and here congregated the intellectuals of Triplicane. He was a genial personality and of a lovable disposition. He had a stately gait and one could rarely miss him walking the streets of Triplicane with his dog or his cow. Not blessed with children, he lavished his love on others, particularly the underdogs, and dumb creatures.

A great Telugu scholar and teacher for some time, G.V.Rao loved the teacher and his profession. Hence it was but appropriate that he should have been the Secretary to the Committee of Management.
He became member of the Committee in 1913 and served as Secretary for seven years. He was a man of vision and could foresee a bright future for the school.  As Secretary to the Madras Landholders' Association, Mr. G.V. Rao had occasion to come in contact with many a landed aristocrat of his day and this, along with his culture and scholarship (he was an M.A.), made him what he was, a man of broad humanity little accustomed to pettifogging and wire-pulling. Indeed Mr. G. Venkataranga Rao was almost the ideal gentlemen.

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