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155th Annual Report 2007-2008

155th ANNUAL REPORT 2007-2008


The Hindu Higher Secondary School
Triplicane, Chennai – 600 005

155th ANNUAL REPORT  2007-2008

            Respected Chief Guest of the Evening  Dr.V.Jayaraman, Sri B.S.Raghavan, President, H.E.O., Sri S.Parthasarathy, President, Hindu Higher Secondary School Committee, Sri Narayan ramaswamy, Secretary, H.E.O, & School Committee, Esteemed members of the H.E.O., and the School Committee, Alumni, Dear Parents, Staff and beloved students!

            It is a great honour and privileged pleasure for me to present the 155 th Annual report of this illustrious institution.

            The School is conducted by the Hindu Educational Organisation, Triplicane, a company registered under the Indian Companies Act, in spacious buildings owned by it availing Government aid and meeting extra expenditure from its own funds.

            The School Committee is functioning from 01.06.1976 as per provisions of the TamilNadu Recognised Private Schools Regulating Act.

            We have great pleasure in extending a hearty welcome to Dr. M.A.Venkatakrishnan, a distinguished Vaishnavite Scholar and an old student o this institution, who has now become a member of the Hindu Educational Organisatiion.

            This year Sri.Sa. Vaidyanathan and Sri.R.Parthasarathy were inducted as Teacher representatives in the School Committee.


            There are 46 Teachers and 18 non-teaching staff


  1. Sri T.N.C.Seshacharyulu, Asst.Headmaster, (BT Cadre)
  2. Sri K.Lakshminarayanan, Asst.Headmaster (Sec.Gr.Cadre)
  3. Sri P.Guruswamy, BT Asst
  4. Sri S.Seshan, Sec. Gr. Asst.
  5. Sri S.Venkatachalam, Sec.Gr.Asst.
  6. Sri G.Ausaithambi, P.E.T
  7. Sri R.Vasudevan, PG Asst.

We wish them all a happy and healthy retired life


  1. Sri R.Mohandoss as Asst.Heamaster, BT Cadre
  2. Sri V.Varadachari as Asst.Headmaster, Sec.Gr.Cadre.
  3. Sri S.Mathialagan as PG Asst. in Tamil
  4. Sri P.K.Shankar as PG Asst. in Economics
  5. Sri C.Shanmugam as BT Asst.
  6. Sri S.Selvabharathi as P.E.T

We wish the promoted teachers, a happy and smooth tenure.

            This year also with the permission of the management, PTA has funded the appointment of 9 teachers.  In addition to that H.E.O has funded for the appointment of 5 persons from its own funds for the smooth functioning of the school.


Academic                                            : Higher Secondary

No. of Students Appeared                  : 220

No. of Students Passed                      : 153

Percentage of Pass                              : 70

Top Ranker                                         : K.Rajesh, XII-A, 1150/1200

            We are very proud to announce that K.rajesh of XII ‘A’ scored centum in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and scored 198/200 in Biology.  He has secured admission for both Medicine and Engineering but opted for Engineering and joined the prestigious institution “College of Engineering, Guindy”.



No. of Students Appeared                  : 254

No. of Students Passed                      : 165

Percentage of Pass                              : 65

Top Ranker                                         : N.Balaji, X-A, 455/500

            School Academic Council under the head of School Committee President Sri.S.Parthasarathy was formed.  Dr.K.Ganesan, Former Principal, Vivekananda College and member of HEO gave valuable guidance and suggestions.

              These meetings were held on 9-08.2007, 10-09-2007 and 1-11-07 to improve quality of teaching processes and concept skills.  We hope to achieve good results this academic year.


            The following projects were initiated by His Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu at the inaugural function held at the school premises on August 3, 2005 Website was also launched. (Website: www.hinduhighschool.com)

1.Dewan Bahadur M.O.Parthasarathy Iyengar center for Value Education

Education is being imparted with values.  HM has taken enough pains to display placards at vantage points consisting of ethical sayings of verses and sages.  He has also distributed many encouraging literature among the students for their betterment.

2. Kasthuri Srinivasan Centre for Knowledge Management

            We are in process of establishing a separate hall for holding academic conferences and audio-visual room equipped with latest technology.

            We have also connected all the rooms in the school building with intercom facility for better monitoring and communication.

3. Nobel Laureate Dr.S.Chandrasekhar Centre for Human Capital

            Our school Sports department and Literary Associatiion takes care of this project and shape the talents of the students.

4. Rt. Hon’ble V.S.Srinivasa Sastriar Museum of Indian & Tamil Culture

            Messrs.R.Parthasarathy, R.Padmanabhan and S.rajagopalan toiled hard in shaping the museum in the Centenary Building at Room No.46

            The Museum is divided into three sections viz. History, Civics and Geography.  Collections from various departments like Tourism, Geology and Archeology are displayed.  This is really a rate phenomenon in school level.  In impact more knowledge about our culture and heritage to the students.

            We are very thankful to the HEO for the generous help in the establishment of the museum.


            Our school students took part in various competitions and won many prizes.

            In the Oratorical Competition organized by Jeeyar Educational Trust on “Alwar Vaibhavam”, our school students S.Kesava Nambi, XII ‘E’ and S.A.Mohammed Suhail, VIII ‘B’ won second prize and consolation prize respextively.

            In the “Thiruppavai” competition conducted by Sri.Parthasarathy Swamy Devasthanam our School student R.Pavithrakrishnan X ‘B’ won II prize, Sri G.Jagannatha was the coordinator for both competitions.

            The following have won many prizes in Inter-school Competitions.

  1. S.A.Bilal Malick, XII ‘E’
  2. G.Sathiskumar, XII ‘E’
  3. Shaik Syed Ali  IX ‘B
  4. M.Gnanael, IX ‘B’
  5. ’R.Pavithrakrishnan, X ‘B’

Our school teachers are enhancing and enriching their knowledge by attending seminars, workshops and in-service training.

Our school teachers played the role of Subject Experts in the Guidance Programme for X and XII standards “Jaithuk Kattuvom” organized by “Dinamalar” in Chennai, Tambaram, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Thiruthani and Chengleput.  The same programme was done exclusively for our school students also.

We are thankful to the Editor of Dinamalar for it.

International Coastal Clean-up Day was celebrated on 16-09-2007 and our school boys under the leadership of Sri S.Selvabharathi, PET took part in the cleaning campaign at Marina Beach.  For their excellent work, they were awarded II prize and received it from his Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

A seminar on “Astrophysics” was held on 19.10.2007 in remembrance of Nobel Laureate and a distinguished old students Dr.S.Chandrasekhar. Dr.Padmini, Professor, M.O.P aishnav College was the Chief Guest for the morning session wherein student representatives presented their papers.  They are as follows:

  1. L.Amit Yadav-HHSS, Ch-5 ‘our Chandra’
  2. R.Yuvaraj, HHSS, ‘Black Hole’
  3. S.Siva, HHSS, ‘Proton Star and Neutron Star’
  4. S.Rajeshwar, HSSS, Indira Nagar, ‘Past, Present & Future of the Universe’
  5. S.Manikandan, HSSS, Indira Nagar, ‘Breathtaking Arora’
  6. Jayanth, HSSS, Che-5, ‘Rise & Fall of Earth’
  7. Maria Musicha Begum, HSSS, Che-5, ‘Pluto – Reclassification as dwarf  planet’
  8. Aravind, HSSS, Che-5, ‘Birth and Death of Star’

Dr.Manickam, Prof.. of Maths, Vivekananda College, gave a special lecture.

Professor Ramakarthikeyan, an old student and Retired Professor of Maths, Vivekananda College, ave Keynote address.

            In the afternoon session, many teachers presented their papers. They are as follows.

Dr. P.Balasubramanian, HHSS, Che-5

‘Biography of Dr.S.Chandrasekhar’

Mrs. Thilothama Ravi, HSSS, Adyar

‘Astrophysics and Astronomy’

Mrs. Latha, HSSS, Che-5

‘New Explosion in Space Science’

Sri R.Ramesh, HHSS, Che-5

‘Super Nova’

Sri S.T.Padmanabhan, HHSS, Che-5

‘Chandra’s Limit & Black Hole’

Sri V.C.Gopi Anandan, HHSS, Che-5

‘Dr.S.Chandrasekhar’s contribution – Stars’

            Dr.Lakshmi of Meenakshi College presided over the valedictory function.  Sri R.Natraj, I.P.S and an old student was the Chief Guest.

            Science exhibition was conducted on 26.10.07  in a grand manner.

            In that exhibition exhibits for Maths, Social Science and Languages were also displayed.

            Sri Y.V.Reddy, Governor of Reserve Bank and a distinguished old student visited our school and commended our service to the society.  He has also presented a memento to our school.

            Independence Day and Republic Day were celebrated with usual verve.


This Association has conducted several competitions for the students of all standards to exhibit their innate talents.  It also conducted competitions to test their histrionic abilities.  This year, it was inaugurated on 29.06.2007.  Pulavar A.Arumugam, General Secretary, Tamizhaga Tamizhasiriyar Kazhagam inaugurated  Tamil Section.  Dr.K.Murali, President and Secretary, Hindi Vidyalaya, Perambur Inaugurated Hindi Section.  Dr. O.R.Devanathan, Professor of Sanskrit, Presidency College, inaugurated Sanckrit Section.

            Birthday of Bharath rathna K.Kamaraj was celebrated ib 15,7,2007 as Educational Awakening Day and Competitions were conducted to mark the occasion.  Prizes were distributed to the prize winners on 16.7.2007 by Sri K.Jayakumar, M.L.A., Secretary, All India Congress Committee.

            On 31.8.2007 Mahakavi Bharathiyar Day was celebrated.  Pulavar L.Pichumani, Retired Tamil Pandit, P.S.Hr.Sec.School, Chennai-4 was the Chief Guest.

            On 23.11.07, “Ayyan Tiruvalluvar Day” & “Valedictory Function” were celebrated.  Thiru Raj Mohan, President, Tamil Manila Desiya Asiriyar Sangam and Professor Ganapathy were the Chief Guests.  Thiru S.Vaidyanathan, PG Asst., spoke about the greatness of Tiruvalluvar.  Prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions on that day.

            Pulavar S.Vaidyanathan, S.Rajagopalan, S.Mathialagan and G.Jagannathan were the organizers and co-ordinators of this association.

            Our School Library is accommodated in spacious hall and has more than 12500 books.  Higher Secondary boys are permitted to take books home.  Story books and reference books are made available to other students in their class rooms.  Students are extensively availilng the opportunity of utilizing the library to enrich their curricular and co-curricular activities.


            This association is headed by Sri K.Valluvan, a social activist.  It is functioning well catering to the needs of the students.  It conducted meetings for the parents to get suggestions for improvement of the school.

            Dr.Porko, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras, was the Chief Guest of the function held on 5.1.2008.  Dr.K.Ganesan, Former Principal, Vivekananda College and Member of H.E.O was another special guest.  On that occasion, cash prizes were distributed to the top rankers in each subject of X & XII standards and to the teachers who produced the top rankers.  Retired teachers and those who have put in 25 years of service were also honoured.  Free uniforms and scholarships to the deserving students were also distributed.  Dress materials to the non-teaching staff  were also distributed.

            It funded for laboratories and also for other programmes conducted in the school.  With the permission of the management, it gives salary to 9 teachers.

            Our school boys  participated in many sports and games and won many medals.  Our school boys created some new records in Chennai East District, District Level, State Level, and National Level, tournaments.  Our schools boys participated in Kabbadi and Athletics meet also.

            Super Senior Volley Ball                                Winners
            Senior Kabbadi                                               Winners
            Super Senior Kabbadi                                     Runners
            Super Senior Table Tennis                              Winners          
            Senior Table Tennis                                         Runners


            Kabbadi Senior                                               Winners
                                                                                    (Division Qualified)

            Kabbadi Super Senior                                     Runners

            Table Tennis Super Senior                              Winners
                                                                                    (Division Qualified)


Senior High Jump                                           I Place
Super Senior Long Jump                                 II Place
110 Hurdles Super Senior                               II Place
100 Hurdles Senior                                         II Place
Senior Triple Jump                                          II Place
200 mts. Super Senior                                     III Place
Under 14   4 x 100 Relay                                III Place
1500 mts. Super Senior                                   II Place

The following boys participated in the National Swimming competitions held at Surat, Gujarat and won medals.

  1. S. Premnath                 XII E
  2. S.Sarathkumar             IX E
  3. Gnanavelu                   X B
  4. A.Yageskumar            VII A


S.A.Shaik Dawood Imran, XI E and P.Vignesh, X C have participated in High Jump ad Triple Jump Events in the District Level Track & Field events.

            This year 10 boys from our school participated in various disciplines at National Level competitions.

            Annual Sports Day was Celebrated on 12.10.2007.  Sri M.O.Parthasarathy, an old student and Former Ranji and Duleep Trophy Cricketer, was the Chief Guest.

            “Be proud of your school and make the school feel proud of you”.  This is our motto.  Sri M.S.Subbiah, Physical Director, Sri R.Muthupandian and Sri S.Selvabharathi, PETs are striving hard to make this as reality.

            We are grateful to our management for their unstinted support and financial assistance in this endeavor.


            55 Cadets were enrolled raising the strength to 100.  38 cadets appeared for ‘A’ Certificate  Exam and all came out successful.

            45 cadets under the command of Chief Officer T.M.Kesavan attended the Annual Training Camp at Kancheepuram in June 07.  Our troop won the Best Troop Shield (II Place) in the Inter Troop Competition.  CSM.Md.Aashiq, X D, won II Place in the Best Cadet competition.

            Anti Tobacco Awareness Programme was conducted on 6.10.2007.

            Our Cadets participated in the “Traffic Control Day Road Safety Rally” on 25.11.07.

            Our Cadets have participated in NCC Day celebration held on 27.11.2007 at Kalaivanar Arangam.

            Range firing for our cadets was conducted on 13.1.2008 at Tambaram.

            As usual Independence Day and republic Day were organized in our wschool by our NCC Troop.

Our cadets have also helped in the Polio Immunization Programme organized on 6.1.2008.  The Services rendered by our cadets in various functions organized at the school  were appreciated by one and all.


            Sri K.Sankar Giri, Drawing Master is in charge of scour activities. 50 students have been enrolled.  Scourts partook in regulation of crowds in festivals and cleaning campuses.  Classes for scouts are held in the school every Sunday.  Our scouts attended Training Camp at Tambaram and Avadi.  They have also attended Olympic Camp at Camp Tonakala, Avadi.


            Sri C.N.Gunasekhar, Drawing Master, is in charge of this group.  75 students have been enrolled.  They participated in the regulation of crowds in festivals and cleaning campaigns in the school.  R Lokesh, XII E, R.Manikandan, X A and P.S.Dineshkumar, IX C, were given Certificate of Appreciation by the District Educational Officer, Chennai East.

            Classes for JRC are held in the school every Tuesday.

            This year we have enrolled about 50 students under the ledership of Sri C.N.Gunasekar, who is the officer in-charge for this programme.  Boys regulate traffic both in the morning and in the evening hours under the guidance of Traffic Wing of D1 police.


            Sri K.Sankar Giri, Drawing Master  is in-charge of the Volunteer Corps.  About 50 volunteers from VII std to X std. help out in maintaining discipline among students at the beginning and during the lunch intervals and the closure of the school.  They also help in tracing lost/misplaced items of the students from classrooms.


            60 Boys from XI and XII standards have been enrolled under the leadership of Sri P.K.Shankar, Programme Officer.  Boys did their services in the Royapettah Hospital and Government General Hospital.  They also participated in national Youth Day and Aids Awareness Programme held at Ldy Wellington College Grounds.  They have attended Annual Special Camp at Vallam Village near Chengalpet, under the leadership of  Sri P.K.Shankar and ably assisted by Thiru S.Selvabharathi, P.E.T Master, during the half-yearly exam holidays Boys did cleaning work in the “Vedantheeswarar Cave Temple”, “Yesu Temple” and also nearby streets.  Their works were appreciated by the village president and locals.  We are very grateful to our management for their unstinted support and financial assistance.


            Its aim is to inculcate knowledge about the environment in the young minds.

            50 students of our school studying in VI and VIII stds are the members of the club.  These students created awareness among the public in Triplicane area for smokeless Bhogi on 11.1.2008 by giving pamphlets and logans various competitions were conducted and prizes were distributed to the students.  Sri B.Anandan, BT Asst. and Sri M.S.Kesawan, SGT are incharge of the club.


            It was formed to create awareness among students about AIDS.

            Sri B.Anandan, BT Asst. is the teacher in charge of the club.


            The association conducted its activities as usual.  Various competitions were conducted for the staff to enhance and exhibit their innate skills.  Sri R.Mohandoss is the Secretary of the Association.  With god’s grace and all round help from the Management and authorities, we hope to strive for the betterment of the staff and the school in general.



            Sri A.Lawrence, Sec.Gr.Asst. is the Secretary of the stores.  It is guided by the duly elected Board of Directors.  It is supervised by the HM who is its Ex-officio President.  Boys get notebooks at concessional rates and are benefited.


            Religious teaching is sine-quo non for building up one’s character.

  1. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam is being conducted regularly on every Friday between after school hours by our students under the guidance of Sri T.M.Kesavan and Sri A.Gunaseelan.
  1. Sri sathya Sai Seva Samithi of Triplicane is conducting Bhajans and Spiritual Study Circle on every Saturday between 6.30 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  1. Lectures on Moral and Ethical values were given by R.Vasudevan, P.R.Ramanujam N.Karpaga Radha, E.Meenakshi Sundaram & R.Mythili, members of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi of Triplicane and Ice House from 4.12.07 to 8.12.07.
  1. Irai Arul Perum Vizha was celebrated on 5.11.07 at our school Pooja Room.  Dr.M.A.Venkata Krishnan, HEO members has given a speech on “Power of GOD”.  Shri L.K.Shankaran, HEO member was also present at that occasion.
  1. Thiru Adi Pooram, Sri Jayanthi, Sri Vinayaka Chathurthi and saraswathi Pooja were celebrated with full devotion by our staff and students.
  1. Sri Rama Pattabhishekham is being conducted during the month of April in a grand manner.


      On 14.1.2008 at the function organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu for distribution of free cycles to students at the Secretariat, our school participated and received the cycles from the  hands of Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr.Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi.

      On 18.1.2008, a function was organized for the free distribution of cycles to Higher Secondary Classes.  Thiru S.Sureshkumar, M.C.Chepauk & Chairman, Standing Committee was the Chief Guest and Thiru P.Nagaraj, M.C., Triplicane, participated.
Free Textbooks for all the students were distributed.  Free notebooks for SC/ST students were also distributed.  Scholarships received from the Government for SC/ST & MBC were also distributed.

For TSUNAMI affected students, bank accounts were opened in their names as per the directions of the Department and amounts were deposited.

Noon Meal Scheme is functioning well.  About 250 boys from VI std. to X Std are benefited by this scheme.


      It has been active.  The old boys meet was held on 30.12.2007 at the school premises.  This being the Centenary year of the Old Boys’ Association, many luminaries were invited.  Retired teachers were honoured.  Mr.Madan, Cartoonist and an old student was the Chief Guest.  Dr.M.A.Venkatakrishnan, HOD, Department of Vaishnavism, University of Madras, Mr.W.V.Raman, Ex.Test Cricketer, Mr.Visu, Director & Dramatist, Mr.Neelu, Mr.Madan Bob, Cine & Stage Artistes, Dr.Karthik, Ghatam Exponent, Mr.ramachandran, MD, Speed-a-way, Mr. R.P.Sarathy, Vide-President, Essar Group, Mr.Rama Karthikeyan, Retired Maths Professor, Vivekananda College, Mr.V.Janakiraman, Former MD, State Bank of India and Mr.R.Natraj, I.P.S attended the meeting.

      Many projects are on the anvil for the benefit of the school.

      As usual, Dr.S.Chandrasekhar’s birthday was celebrated on 19.10.2007 with a daylong function.

      On 23.1.2008 OBA distributed maths ready reckoner to all XII Std. students.


      The following endowments were created for the benefit of our school students.

  1. Pollachi Tmt.Pappammal Endowment by Thiru S.Velusamy, Pollachi Capital Rs.5000/-

Interest to be utilized for the best student in Science in X Std.  In case of same mark, highest total mark to be considered.

  1. Smt.Meenakshiammal & Sri Sivaswamy Iyer Endowment by Sri S.Mohana Krishnan, Capital Rs.5001/-

To award scholarship to the student who gets the highest mark in English in X Std.

  1. Sri M.O.Alagiyasingarachary Centenary Endowment by Sri M.O.Tirunarayanan.  Capital Rs.40,000/-

To give scholarship to one or more deserving students in classes VI to XII

  1. Sri P.A.Suryanarayanan Endowment: Capital Rs.5,000/-

To the best student who excels in communication (verbal, non-verbal, written communication) or to purchase tools and techniques required improve communication among students.

      We thank the above donors for their munificence.

      We are also very thankful to “Sreyas” M.O.P.Charities & Sri Venkateswara Students Hostel for the award of scholarships to our school students.


      An Eye Camp was conducted for the benefit of students and staff of our school by Ararwal Eye Hospital Opthalmologists during the first week of August.  We are thankful for their Voluntary Service.

      Diabetes check up camp for the benefits of our school staff and students were conducted under the aegis of “SREYAS”.


      Lastly we are indeed fortunate to have members in the management  and School Committee who are generous, kind hearted, truly dedicated and devoted to the cause of the students.  Our gratitude is due to them.

On behalf of the Staff and on my own behalf I would like to assure the public, the parents and Government that we would do our best to train the boys on proper lines.

      It is our earnest prayer that the presiding deity of our school Sri Rama will bless us with physical strength, moral courage and intellectual caliber to carry on our work with confidence and faith in the Almighty who guides our destinies so that the school may continue its useful work with greater achievements in the years to come.