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Academic year 2007-08:
150 year celebration special:
Sister institution:


Academic achievements Endow.
Highest mark in Hindi X or XII 159
For conducting Geetha and Religious Classes 110
Midday meals fund 111
Deserving boys who joins Engineering Course 126
Scholarship for 4 students XI and XII, science and arts. 119
Scholarship for Poor Deserving boy of XI standard 123
Scholarship to 3 needy brahmin students, (2 Tamil medium & 1 English medium)  
Scholarship Fee for 1 Poor students of XI 133, 134
scholarship for Two Poor deserving boys in XI and XII Standard of Paying tution and special fee 135, 139
Scholarship to Three deserving Vaishnavite boys in Standard VIII, IX and X 148, 151
scholarship for Poor students of IX and X 150
Scholarship for needy Top ranker in XI 152
Scholarship for VI to VIII poor boys 158
Scholoarship for VII or IX 160
Scholarship to students 175
Economically Weak boys 116
Poor Brahmin boy for purchase of books, fees 117
Economically Weak boys from VI to X students for Sports, literary Activities and Non teaching staffs 118
Poor Students Brahmin Studying X standard, tamil medium. 120
Poor Brahmin boy for purchase of books & fees, Standard VI to IX 121, 124, 127,
Poor deserving boy of XI standard with maths and sanskrit for Paying tution and special fee
Poor studnets of the highest class of the high school 144
SSLC exam fee for deserving boys 145
notebook and school uniform to a deserving por brahmin boy in X standard 146
books for poor boys 147
Most deserving student of XI standard 137
Needy Top ranker in XI 153
Economically deserving Meritorious brahmin students 163
Economically weaker students of XI and XII 169
Poor deserving boy of XII for subject Sanskrit and 80% marks in all subject 171
under privileged studens of HHSS 172
Best Student of XII Standard 122
To pay Exam Fee 128
Highest mark in +2 and continuing studies in college 129
Physically Challenged Student of X, XI & XII 132
Learning Sanskrit. 149
Best Scout Students 154
S.S.L.C. exam fee for Two 142
Exam fee for X & XII standard 155
Exam fee for XII Standard tamil medium 156
Exam fee for XI poor boys 157
Tution fee and note books for HHSS 174
School fees & Text Books for Brahmin students from VI to XII Standards 170
Suitable books for library 160
Rama Medals 161
Merit brahmin students in XI and XII 176